Charbel Hanfouche Pinto was born in Senegal, from a Portuguese father and a Lebanese mother. His family moved to Guine-Bissau one month after Charbel was born. He grew up in Guine-Bissau, where he developed his deep connection and love for music, dreaming of becoming a singer one day.
Charbel’s big opportunity emerged in 2006, when he wrote and produced the international Hit “Sonho” (dream) for Gama, a Capo-Verdean singer. The song “Sonho” remains today the greatest and most known hit from Gama’s career.
After paving a rocky road, and with a a lot of support from other artists from the Palop Community, like Tó Semedo and Loonny, Charbel managed to put out his first solo album “Apaixonado” (In love). From this point, it has been a non stop journey for him. The most recent album “Compatível” (Compatible), Charbel is taking over CPLP community, with record views on YouTube, sold out shows in Europe and also in his Hometown stadium in Guinea-Bissau. Both, the love he feels for his Country and his humble personality, makes him one of the most beloved and respect artists beyond border. Driven by the need of always give back to the community and share the diversity of African culture, he has openly joined forces with Tabanka Events for the upcoming educational project with students from Morocco, which will start in city of Fez.
Stay tune, we will do a special profile on this incredible African Talent, as well as on this educational project in Morocco. For now, check Charbel YouTube channel so you can get a feel what this amazing Artist is all about: –> youtube

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